Field Branding, UI/UX
Team Edwin van Praet, Erik Mastenbroek, Stijn van Diemen, Paul Monster
Year 2014
Agency Total Identity


Many patients have questions about their health care bill. What exactly is covered? What are the conditions you must meet as a patient to get the cost of your care provided for? And how does it all work? The Dutch Association of Hospitals, in collaboration with the health insurance companies, provided a campaign and communication means, that hospitals can use to reassure their patients.

Finding the right image for "caring without caring"

— Graphic Style

The concept was – Helping the user find its way in the maze. Through brochures, flyers, posters and the website www.zorgnota.nl, the patient is informed about the reimbursements of the costs of his treatment. The maze of regulations and conditions, in which the patient is located, formed the foundation for the visual concept of the campaign.