Vaventis - Fresh-R

Field Data Visualization, UI/UX
Team Shannon E. Thomas, Hans Gerwitz
Year 2017
Agency The Artificial


Fresh-r is an air purifier that continuously measures CO2, particulate matter, and air humidity, and ventilating when necessary. Vaventis reached out to us to design a visualization that shows the benefits of the product and that brings meaning to the data.

— Solution

To understand the product and its context we analyzed Smart Homes best-in-class experiences and we created mood boards to help us understand what we wanted to achieve. We explored many variations to determine which one will best serve our goals of home-appropriate, unique, and easy-to-understand.

We couldn’t help but wonder if the product should feel more about fitting into the home or more about the data being displayed?

The final delivery was a prototype made with D3 so that we could generate visualizations from actual data.