Field UI/UX
Team Shannon E. Thomas, Carol Liao, and Ariane Garoff 
Year 2016-2018
Agency The Artificial


Working closely with VanMoof, we created an app that supported the user in having the best possible city cycling experience with the Smart Bike and Electrified S&X – from unboxing to unlocking to recovering a stolen bike.

Getting to know our users’ with a test ride. 

We immersed ourselves in the experience of setting up and riding a VanMoof through the city.

This helped us identify the pain points that we could improve. We analyzed the previous app, and we determined some features that we wanted to add to improve the rider's experience. We then explored these additions and some interaction models through a series of design gestures. 

Creating a design that was meant not to be used.

The goal of the app was not to create a great experience, but rather to support the great experience of riding. 

So we created a series of screens that meant to help the user during key moments off the bike and to get out of the way once he started pedaling. For our client, support was key to providing a good experience so we designed a chat interface that users' could reach with just a tap of their fingers. 

Working closely with developers to ensure our design.

To communicate an experience with an integrated chat interface to developers, we built two diagrams. 

The flow diagram showed how the user moves through screens, while a decision tree how the user engages with a chatbot for help.

To wrap up the project, we created design guidelines to communicate the rationale behind our decisions so that VanMoof’s internal team could move forward with confidence when adding new features.

Bringing joy to the experience.

After the app was developed, we were asked to define an illustration and animation style that would help to distinguish special moments and guide the users’ attention.

To test different styles of illustration, we chose an area of the application that clearly was having difficulty in communicating its purpose. And that in our opinion, deserved a special treatment since it was about learning how to use the bike.