Field UI/UX
Role Designer
Year 2017
Agency The Artificial


Working closely with VanMoof, we created an app that supported the user in having the best possible city cycling experience with the Smart Bike and Electrified S&X – from unboxing to unlocking to recovering a stolen bike.


To better understand the needs of our users and identify pain points that we could improve, we immersed ourselves in the experience of setting up and riding a VanMoof through the city.

We then determined a handful of features we might want to add to the existing experience. We explored these additions as well as the interaction model and visual design through a series of design gestures.


To communicate an experience with an integrated chat interface to developers, we built two diagrams. The flow diagram showed how the user moves through screens, while a decision tree how the user engages with a chat bot for help.

We delivered design guidelines and a component library to comunicate our decisions and to make sure that our design could extend to new features.

Creative Director – Shannon E. Thomas
Design – Shannon E. Thomas, Carol Liao, Ariane Garoff, Natalia Bourges