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Field Branding / Editorial / Web Design
Role Graphic designer
Year 2014
Agency Total Public

Ok this is funny, was working for an awesome studio with an awesome mentor, what happens when he is on holidays? No you don’t go crazy or maybe you do but this wasn’t the case… I took this opportunity to show what I got, yes it wasn’t that great (at that moment) but it gave me the opportunity to try, the main challenge was to create a system that was consistent and that represented each country in a personal way, yes since we have the European union there’s no such thing as a stamp in your passport for traveling from the Netherlands to Rome but it is still quite nice to go to a place and have a proof you were there. So that’s the solution I went for, I sort of played on the safe side but at least I got the chance to mingle with after effects.


—— Fun fact

Ok fresh out of university  friend asks you to make a lookbook, nervous shaking, panic attack, went well, though, step by step remembering and turning around all we learned in school, the real deal. Think we did it! Few printer issues like not all the gradients were in the same color space...Wooops!.... But well I’ve always believed you learn from your mistakes and you learn by doing, if you don't throw yourself in you'll never know!

Project in collaboration with Diego Gamba, awesome designer, artist & friend
Cope Amezcua – Photography / Antonio & Linda - Founders of this amazing brand