Public Libraries Tour

Field Branding / Editorial / Web Design
Role Graphic designer
Year 2014
Agency Total Public

The Reading & Writing Foundation reached out to Total Identity for the development of a visual style and campaign for the Public Libraries 2020 tour, the tour was held in European countries and its intention was to generate awareness about the importance of public libraries and to share stories of individuals whose lives were changed by libraries.

— Solution

It was my first stand-alone project at  Total Public and I took this opportunity to show what I got, yes it wasn’t that great (at that moment) but it gave me the opportunity to try out different things. The main challenge was to create a system that was consistent and that represented each country in a personal way, since we have the European Union there’s no such thing as a stamp in your passport for traveling from the Netherlands to Rome but it is still quite nice to go to a place and have a proof you were there so I created a stamp for each country. The kick off event was filled with these stamps and the dinner menu was printed on a passport. 

Edin van Praet – Creative Director / Natalia Bourges – Graphic Design
Paul Monster – Desktop Publishing / Anne Marie van Noord – Client Services