Field Editorial / Art direction
Role Graphic designer
Year 2013
Agency Awesome duo (freelance)
Team Natalia Bourges / Diego Gamba / Cope Amezcua
Copyright Machina


Machina is a men's fashion brand that offers products with wearable technology. They criticize and question political issues and/or irreverent social characters. Their inspiration stems from the current social movements, particularly in the digital world, where people work together as one to manifest an idea, to solve a problem, online and offline.

Check them out here.


—— Fun fact

For the launch of their new midi jacket, we were asked to create a booklet showing the specifications of this and their other clothing. We unified their iconography to help users quickly understand the features of each piece and we came up with a photography concept that reflected the values of the brand. 

Project in collaboration with Diego Gamba, awesome designer, artist & friend
Cope Amezcua – Photography / Antonio & Linda - Founders of this amazing brand