Field Editorial / Art direction
Role Graphic designer
Year 2013
Agency Awesome duo (freelance)
Team Natalia Bourges / Diego Gamba / Cope Amezcua
Copyright Machina


Machina is a men's fashion brand based on the concept of wearable technology. They criticize and question political issues and / or irreverent social characters. Their inspiration stems from the current social movements, particularly in the digital world, where people work together as one to manifest an idea, to solve a problem, online and offline.

Check them out here.


—— Fun fact

Ok fresh out of university  friend asks you to make a lookbook, nervous shaking, panic attack, went well, though, step by step remembering and turning around all we learned in school, the real deal. Think we did it! Few printer issues like not all the gradients were in the same color space...Wooops!.... But well I’ve always believed you learn from your mistakes and you learn by doing, if you don't throw yourself in you'll never know!

Project in collaboration with Diego Gamba, awesome designer, artist & friend
Cope Amezcua – Photography / Antonio & Linda - Founders of this amazing brand