London Jazz Festival

Field Typography, Branding
Year 2011
Copyright CENTRO


Down in memory lane, second encounter with typography where we actually got a brief, which was, imagine yourself as the designer for the next London Jazz Festival, you get to choose up to 2 types, preferably related to jazz, color and design up to you!

— Graphic Style

So, train of thought,  golden age of jazz in London: 1919-1950…. Rockwell released in 1934 which was a slab somehow related to Helvetica's cooler cousin Akzidenz Grotesk (yup I know the story) and well I think it is a very playful type which is how I came to the solution for me jazz is one of the cooler music genders, I don't dig classic music, got the basics and everything but no, I like the kind of music you can (in my case) poorly sing to. So movement + type + jazz.. BOOM!

Thank you to Maria Calderón who was an excellent teacher and friend, and who introduced me to the amazing
world of typography and color!