Food Up! Brabant

Field Web, UI, Branding
Role Lead Designer
Year 2016
Agency Total Public
Link foodupbrabant.nl


Agro-food is one of the main sectors of the province Noord-Brabant. FoodUp! Brabant, is a new platform for that aspires to transform the sector into a supply chain of fair and healthy food. The platform connects initiatives, ideas, products, services, and people to stimulate new ways of producing, enterprising and consuming.

— Graphic Style

When we talk about food or the process to produce what we consume every day, the first thing that comes to my mind is something you feel with your hands, very human and something we relate to it almost intuitively. To express this feeling I used illustrations and textures, the logo represents a roundtable where people come together and exchange ideas and the trading of goods happens.

Client Services, Advisor / Elisabeth Kroon
Creative Director / Edwin van Praet
Desktop publishing / Paul Monster, Paul Scholte
Web Development / de Lynx